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To boost the confidence of individuals  with learning difficulties to no longer be afraid to get that needed support they desired by passing their exams and gaining the life that they desired!




We are dedicating our help toward those with dyslexia, learning difficulties or struggling with reading and writing, and that require that little extra support to get the grades that moves them to achieve much more greater things in life. 



Our story began... with us not being able to pass exams at school as  the school's national education system tailored an all one size fit system, and not suitable to us.  We spent many years and late evenings supporting students at their homes which meant that we were not able to reach the masses globally.  So, we dedicated ourselves to design English courses that suited the needs of those we know would benefit from these courses tailored to their learning own style via online e-learning.


IAU eAcademy online learning support courses were established to suit dyslexic individuals with dyslexia, learning difficulties, those with little to no education attained, those that attained low grades, non-native English speaking people, and those that require that little more extra support to get the grades that they seek.  We believe everyone deserves to access good quality online education.  We seek to help anyone to achieve globally who wants support with their English, and who desire to change their lives by improving on their education, aspiring and looking to have a brighter future.


IAU seek to assist in improving, developing and supporting the educational possibilities for all individuals that recognise this kind of support which is self-paced.   Where you the student go at your own pace allowing you that extra time to grasp your educational information and teaching, facilitated via your mobile, iPad, desktop computer and in the comfort of your home. 


IAU eAcademy offer their newly designed English Picture Image Course level one/level two which was designed with you in mind and tailored to help you to achieve your grades, to   assist you to pass the exam that you have always wanted to pass.   What’s more, the course is affordable as level one and level two come as a combined package.  There are designed easy and helpful tests to reinforce and remind you of what you have learnt.  


Initially,  before you start we help you to know your style of learning, so that you can best understand how to work and pass your exams.   The course will prepare you to go onto level two which is an accredited International English course gaining a recognised qualification approved worldwide.  Where it helps you to go onto further education, college, university, employment or to be your own boss. 


In addition, should you need to speak to someone to obtain support, we have our dedicated professional and helpful staff to support and enrich you throughout your English study journey.  Many students have taken this course, they found it accessible, and enjoyed the learning styles tailored only and personal to them, and they found the course very helpful.  We wish you the very best in your studies.



Lee M.   Great course and helpful staff  

Ama B Loved the course helped me to pass my Degree

Aquilla M.  My best time ever and achieved high grades at university because of it, and I have dyslexia   

Ernie I have had a tremendous learning - I have dyslexia I'm highly dyslexic, yet the courses hugely helped me


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